【 Cable testing 101 q series 】 — — TRC differ, and how to choose?

by:FOT     2020-07-13
【 Cable testing 101 q series 】 — — TRC differ, and how to choose? Although it looks and feels like fiber optic jumper, but test the reference line, or the TRC, for short not jump line. These cables used to differs according to the ANSI/TIA, ISO/IEC and IEEE standard certification fiber optic cabling. This cable to test the 101 q series, we will be more deeply know about the difference between TRC, why they are needed, and how to choose. What are the differences? TRC made, reference level cable termination reference connector. Reference level cable features a more strict tolerance, the cable of the fiber core diameter and fiber core/cladding concentricity ( The roundness) Very consistent. Reference level compared with than standard connector, the connector has more strict tolerance - — Multimode reference connector connection loss should be 0 or less. 10 dB, and single mode reference connector connection loss should be 0 or less. 20 dB. Compared with the conventional standard jumpers may exists in the fiber core diameter and cable geometry differences, typical connector loss in multimode is 0. 20 to 0. When 5 dB, single mode 0. 3 to 1. 0 dB。 Reference level connector performance by ANSI/TIA - 526 - 14 - And IEC 61280 - C 4 - 2 industry standard definition, ANSI/TIA - 568. 3 - D update standard revision of reference levels of connector and the standard connection have more rigorous testing limit. Why need to TRC? Test optical fiber systems, it is important to understand the connector loss refers to together is a pair of connector loss -- — In fact can not only measure a connector. The test of a connector loss is, therefore, it must be connected to the quality known similar connector. TRC reference connector will not adversely affecting the result of the measure - — No matter adopt what kind of connector is connected with. For example, suppose you are installing low loss of LC connector, its typical loss is about 0. 15 dB。 If you are in the measurement, the connector with a loss greater than zero. 15 connector matching connection, the result is not too good. And, more importantly, if you are used to test the connector has a great deal of loss, can cause loss of more than budget, is actually makes very good link can't pass the test. Measuring the output power of the tester, so that the loss of it can be calibrated to 0 dB, also need to use the TRC. Can use to connect to the TRC tester to set the reference, in order to take into consideration of the TRC consumption, so as to complete the above measurement. You can imagine this method into the bowl on the scales, and then put the calibration to zero, in order to obtain the weight of the accurate readings, has nothing to do with the bowl with what. How to choose the TRC? In the first place and, more importantly, you need to ensure that the selected TRC match the measured cable and connector type. If the system contains the LC connector, the TRC also needs to have the LC connector. If the system USES the multimode fiber optic equipment, the TRC must be composed of multimode fiber structure. If the system USES single mode fiber and oblique spherical type connector ( APC) The TRC must also be using single-mode fiber and APC. Rather simple and direct, isn't it? You may think that you can use the standard jump line or make your own TRC at the scene, but remember, the accuracy of the measurement depends on the quality of the TRC. On-site production meet the requirements of strict tolerance of TRC almost impossible, is not recommended to try. TRC will also need to keep clean and good condition, test the TRC is just part of the standard operating procedures. In order to ensure the performance of the TRC will not fall, it is recommended that each test cycle or every once in a while testing TRC. A good rule of thumb is that every 288 tested a TRC fiber testing, but under the condition of the environment is not ideal, the dust is a problem, you may need to shorten the time interval. The CertiFiber ® Pro has the function of automatic wizard to guide you to test and record the whole process of TRC numerical. Verify the TRC is to ensure that always to have a more predictable and accurate test results better method, and can understand the cause of the link is not qualified is not inferior to TRC. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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