Cable survey instrument performance and using methods are introduced

by:FOT     2020-11-12
Optical fiber communication technology, 光纤通信) Apart from the traditional communication mode, has become one of the main pillars of modern communication, plays an important role in the modern telecommunication network. Optical fiber communication is a light wave is used as the carrier, with as transmission medium to transmit the information from one place to another way of communication. British-chinese Dr Charles kao 1966 published a paper stroke times, he proposed using cladding material with quartz glass, can be used as a medium of communication. From then on, started work in the field of communication. May consider the communication is based on transmission medium & other; Cable & throughout; Optical communication. Actually use is not a single communication system, but many of the together composed of optical cable. Now the demand of cables increases day by day, cable also by the previous single core expansion to the largest 2096 cores, but cable buried, the more problems. When natural disasters or outside the outside influence caused cables such as construction, find personnel according to the crew for place of disorder. If not the above situation, it is not easy to inspectors find obstacles from road strange place. At this point, we must, in accordance with the OTDR to test the distance to measure the barriers, check with the original test data, find out the barriers are probably in which monument ( Which two joint) or After conversion between, through necessary and accurate measurement in length on the ground, can be concluded that obstacle of location. Communication rapid development, into the new power, such as electricity, radio and television operators merger caused a large number of cable need to be maintained, so how to distinguish between optical cable will become an urgent need to solve the problem. In the room, the standard of SC/APC - Fiber optic jumper wire side FC/PC connected to the output port, the other end connected to the distribution frame, flange plate, after the connection is verified in the audio output port access headphones, open the power supply. After switch on, press the run button, the light setting initialization, until the meter display panel LED lights flashing and maintain a stable, engine test and field work personnel on the phone, the staff began to tap on a fiber optic cable, computer room testers to observe at the same time. If the meter is very obvious, the sound is very clear, tap on a fiber cable is target.
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