Cable survey instrument how to operate?

by:FOT     2020-11-08
Cable survey instrument how to operate? Using survey meter, fiber optic cable operators only need to gently tap on a fiber optic cable, the target can be easily found, instrument built-in system can transform on information for video and audio signals, in other words, we can hear or see the target cable. Cable survey instrument completely replace before cutting methods of bending, freeze, is new don't damage the patent technology of fiber optic cable, its powerful application functions, greatly reduced the time and the optical transmission network project management cost, greatly improve work efficiency. Characteristics: 1. International audio - 2 fiber patent technology. Field application, based on the large telecom users of the practical need of 3. Remote listener cable mechanical disturbance. In the noise environment through audio or video cable 5. To optimize the dynamic range, suitable for different lengths of line test works: 1. Survey instrument used in fiber optic cable is optical interference method, continuous light from two opposite directions through the same optical fibers 2. By hitting cable casing, under the action of stress, the phase displacement interference waveform, and then converted into sound and image for recognition. Cable survey instrument sensitivity and the distance between ring and knock 4 roughly proportional relations. Cable survey meter in low sensitivity of optical cable near loopback survey instrument operation and daily maintenance should pay attention to maintain the cleanness of fiber optic jumper, with special cleaner regularly daily cleaning and maintenance, use cases, be sure to set good ceramic after joint to prevent dirty or damaged jumper wire connector, avoid bad test results. Keep the instrument of fiber optic equipment interface clean, with special cleaner regularly daily cleaning and maintenance, after use to ensure good dustproof cover, prevent dirty or catch bad internal light mouth by CT, CO, avoid bad test results. Before and after the test, use special tools clean distribution frame flange connector, is helpful to the connector of the maintenance, at the same time to avoid bad connector test caused by adverse effect.
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