BYIR - F614 fiber infrared thermometer

by:FOT     2020-06-23

fiber infrared thermometer technical indicators: use: general hot blast stove secondary cooling zone of continuous casting graphite furnace process: it is 250 - 1000℃; 600 - 1400℃; 600 - 2000℃; 700 - 2800℃; 700 - 2800℃; 600 - 1400℃; 600 - 2000 ℃ measurement distance: 200 mm ~ & infin; 150 ~ 500毫米200毫米~∞ Zui small target: ф 1. 5毫米Ф5mmФ1。 Use: 5 mm steel strand block coke coke car polycrystalline furnace synthetic sapphire single crystal furnace vertical fiber drawing process: it is 250 - 600℃ 600- 1400℃ 600- 1450℃ 600- 1800℃ 600- 2000℃ 600- 2500℃ 700- 2600 ℃ measurement distance: 150 ~ 100 ~ 300 mm to 500 mm ~ 500 mm & infin; 200毫米~∞ Zui small target: ф 1 mm 3 mm Ф Ф: 1 mm distance coefficient D / 150 distinguishing rate: 1 ℃ accuracy: & le; ± 5‰ Measurements: repeat precision & le; ± 2‰ Measurements to lose: 4 ~ 20 ma, 0 to 20 ma ( Optional switch) Output: RS - On output: 485, the lower limit alarm relay contacts for electricity: 24 VDC or 220 vac ( When placing order, optional) fiber optic equipment infrared thermometer notice: 1. In use process, ensure the nut is tightened, in order to ensure the soundness of the yuntai, so as to improve the accuracy of measurement. 2. After the objective lens, be sure to put the JiaoSuo JinChu tight, in order to avoid because of the vibration or other factors lead to objective position change, which affect measurement accuracy; 3. Optical fiber after jack twist, be sure to will cap screw in the fixed seat on a fiber optic cap, to ensure its clean; 4. In use process, should ensure that have air purging device, prevent dust from entering the lens is stained with dirt, caused affect measurement accuracy. Fiber infrared thermometer standard configuration: stainless steel stainless steel armored optical measurement probe quartz embedded signal processing/display box air purge / 100 mm long peep at blowing tube magnetic adjust bearing roof installation flange and quartz window sealing isolation roof installation of furnace temperature at tube according to customer needs special range security caps

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