By OTDR auxiliary calculating the loss of the connector

by:FOT     2020-11-02
In fiber optic equipment signal, the equipment is called the OTDR measurement of fiber length and fiber attenuation, scattering in a set distance. OTDR can remind technician, splicing and fiber breakage location. These devices through the system sends the test pulse, waiting for the signal to return. Quality and return to tell technicians are good or system failure. Small make up to explain to you how to calculate by OTDR auxiliary connector loss. 1, OTDR, connected to a fiber system need to test and send the initial pulse. Test results came in, you'll see a read figure. 2, select & other; Two losses throughout the &; Options for data interpretation. This is used to measure the loss and the distance two specific markers, and OTDR can determine whether a connector has been lost. 3, look at the OTDR graphic determine loss between the two tags. Distance is usually a horizontal axis, fiber loss is usually a vertical axis. Read a tag and two vertical tag. Calculate the difference between will see fibers strength loss. If a connector is located between these two tags, calculation process will remain the same. Through the above analysis, you probably know about OTDR, if you have what not understand, can come to our company consulting or enter the website inquiry.
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