Built-in type optical fiber thermometer OI - T6Ⅰ_ _B - Type 1

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built-in type optical fiber thermometer OI - T6Ⅰ_ _B - Type 1

infrared thermometer on-line infrared thermometer gun type infrared thermometer non-contact infrared thermometer infrared temperature probe thermometer ET handheld infrared thermometer, infrared thermometer power special infrared thermometer built-in type fiber optic equipment thermometer OI - T6Ⅰ_ _B - Built-in type 1 OI - type optical fiber thermometer T6Ⅰ_ _B -

OI - type 1 T6Ⅰ_ _B - Built-in optical fiber thermometer, type 1 is from xi 'an holy light energy sensing system co. , LTD. According to professor Chen Yaosheng American independently designed and developed a new optical innovative thermometer, due to the adoption of advanced optical fiber sensing technology, make its have peers of the three major characteristics:

1) has nothing to do with the test range (2) has nothing to do with the material emissivity (3) has nothing to do with the measured target area

built-in type fiber optic equipment thermometer main application fields: forging, heat treatment, laboratory, metal processing, heating furnace, quenching, casting, hot press, etc.

product features:

built-in fiber optic equipment, functioning, lightweight compact structure, strong and durable. Can bring their own process adjustment button, suitable for different industrial field material temperature requirements. Can be combined with dust cover assembly for the scene with high levels of pollution. By optical signal processing and electronic information processing with the combination of information processing technology, improve the quality of the products and stability. Technical indicators: 1, the temperature range: 300 - 3000℃( Section) ; 2, the basic error: 0. 5% ( Maximum range) ; 3, response time: 100 ms; < 1女士; 4, zui small measuring diameter: 6 mm; 5, analog output: 4 - 20mA; 6, target distance: 0. 2 - 3 ( m) ; 7, work power: 24 VDC; 0 to 8, the work environment: the environment temperature 50℃; Relative humidity of 10% 85% without condensation; Atmospheric pressure 86 - 108 kpa; Note: the protective device is optional

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