Buffett's company sales SICK optical fiber amplifier

by:FOT     2020-06-17

SICK fiber optic equipment amplifier standard 250 us response time, high speed type 50 us, zui big match may diffuse optical fiber for high speed detection of 0 mm to 160 mm, with complete correlation optical fiber of 0 ~ 4 m, contains red light/infrared light/green light source/learning/manual type external regulation speed sensitivity ( 10,000Hz) Self-learning function, can external control signal, debugging is simple rapid provide switch quantity ( NPN/PNP) Output type/analog output type ( 1 ~ 5 v)

WLL170 - 2 type fiber optic equipment photoelectric sensor, independent model and without digital display, complete series

standard response time for 250 us meet customers' different demand, high speed type 50 us high-speed object detection and location of the process of self-learning function, can be an external signal control debugging is simple, rapid to use

WLL170 - 2 type optical fiber photoelectric sensor is a typical application example: in the process of automobile spare parts manufacturing, rapid and reliable testing small auto parts

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