Bonner BANNER characteristics and working principle of the optical fiber sensor products

by:FOT     2020-07-03

bonner BANNER fiber optic sensor product characteristics and working principle of the United States bonner complete name is called , ANNER with pure silica with special craft into filaments, its diameter is thinner than a human hair. Beam of light in the glass fiber transmission, the signal is not affected by electromagnetic interference, transmission stability. With reliable performance, high quality, fast speed, low line loss and transmission distance etc, high-speed network and backbone. fiber optic equipment sensor is suitable for some grave situation: high vibration, very hot and wet,, explosive or corrosive environment. In a narrow area, flexible fiber can be installed. United States bonner ANNER fiber is made of transparent material actual fiber core and around it with a little lower than the refractive index of fiber core materials made of cladding, and into the light signal from the fiber core, the cladding interface reflection, make the light signal propagation in the fiber core media forward. Is generally by the fiber core and cladding and coating layer of multilayer dielectric structure, composed of symmetrical cylinder. Optical fiber has two main features: loss and dispersion. The purity of fiber raw material must be high. (2) to prevent pollution of impurities and air bubbles with . (3) to accurately control the distribution of refractive index; (4) the correct control the structure size of the fiber; (5) to minimize scars on the surface of the fiber damage and improve mechanical strength. The advisory order. Company address: Shanghai huangpu district east east road no. 668, Beijing science and technology Beijing - 20 C2 room straight: : mail box: 1339100 wj touch people: xiao-yan liu advantage to supply the following products: pneumatic components: Germany FESTO FESTO, Germany BURKERT baode, the United States ASCO aska, British NORGREN's champions Germany HERION in sea, Japan SMC, Japan CKD or open, KOGANEI Japan KOGANEI, South Korea YPC/YSC/TKC/TPC, Taiwan's gold, Germany's guest industrial control products figure, TURCK, Germany P + F pepperl + fuchs, Germany IFM Yi Fu door, SUNX SUNX, SICK ShiKe Germany, German PILZ peel, KEYENCE Japan KEYENCE, Germany murr Moore, hydraulic components Japan NACHI Germany HIRSCHMANN HIRSCHMANN switches NACHI, Japan TOYOOKI TOYOOKI, DAIKIN, Japan DAIKIN, Germany HAWE Harvey, Germany REXROTH REXROTH, Germany HYDAC dh, Italian ATOS ATOS, PARKER, PARKER in the United States, the United States VICKERS, helwig, American MOOG Robert, Japanese TAIYO TAIYO inverter bonner BANNER characteristics and working principle of the sensor products M18 series 18 mm threaded stainless steel shell cylindrical photoelectric switch, reliable detection, no adjustment. T18 series T shell, lens side with M18 thread, can reliable detection (without regulation Most of the models) Q25 EZ - series BEAM type with M18 threaded mounting base right Angle type sensor WORLD - BEAM QS30 series universal installation, lens side band (thread SM30 & amp; SMI30 series standard high-energy intrinsically safe correlation type sensor, cylindrical, with reliable testing (thread S30 series, don't need to adjust the belt (threaded plastic cylindrical photoelectric sensor EZ - Q40 series BEAM type zone (threaded mounting base of right Angle type sensor T30 series T shell, lens side (thread, reliable detection without adjustment QM42 & amp; QMT42 series shell adopts die-cast casting methods of sensor, a variety of detection model can choose PicoDot PD series light focusing and reflection plate laser sensor, reinforced shell is suitable for the detection, inspection and counts the Q45 one-piece series, reinforced shell design of sensor, it has excellent optical performance OMNI - BEAM series modular, adjustable limit switch mode, regional bonner BANNER characteristics and working principle of the sensor products

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