Bending is not sensitive to the advantages and disadvantages of multimode fiber

by:FOT     2020-07-13
Why can't bend is not sensitive to the advantages and disadvantages of multimode fiber curve used in the test line is not sensitive to multimode ( BIMMF) 吗? The argument is that the BIMMF ( Such as 'traditional' fiber) Is becoming more and more difficult to buy, installer need the flexibility to buy stock. Moreover, there have been changes to the requirements of IEC test standard: no longer forced to use a BIMMF in test line. Let's review the problem carefully, and discuss the consequences. First of all, some technical or other relevant facts: Fluke Networks provide specifically designed to used with multimode cable test equipment of multimode test reference jumper - — All these cables use non BIMMF; fiber optic equipment source of supply is not a problem. Other vendors will not BIMMF line specifically for testing jump line, its fibre suppliers without any problem. In order to use the LED the realization of the launch of the right conditions, For example, circular flux) , must be stripped of higher order mode - — In fact, can only use the BIMMF. Because there are a leakage model in glass, BIMMF dependence and numerical aperture and the length of the fiber core diameter. More end result is that in view of the installed cable attenuation measurement, may be related to the use of BIMMF emission test line of different measurement. Because also need to measure the far field due to leakage model and so on BIMMF is difficult to verify compliance of circular flux, and in not only on the BIMMF near field. In other words, launch condition changes along the fiber. For the current test equipment designed for circular flux, cannot use ready-made BIMMF or non BIMMF, unless with specialized laboratory equipment for near-field emission measurements. About eight years ago, mu m bending not sensitive multimode fiber (50/125 BIMMF) Launch. Before that, the main manufacturers are not BIMMF in production. In the past few years, with the popularity of BIMMF, BIMMF some manufacturers to stop production. It's good for installed wiring, can reduce the problems caused by the bending process, which makes the TIA, IEC and ISO/IEC test standard do not tally with the industry development direction. In order to achieve from the multimode fiber appropriate emission conditions ( Such as the circular flux) , need not BIMMF, this is still mandatory industry standards. Because the standard is written by various specialists together, so no one will be excluded. Test standard to test equipment manufacturers to undertake most of the burden, to meet the specific requirements of the standard document. In some cases, the cable manufacturers, manufacturers and vendors may be related to test the test line suppliers conform to the requirements of the standard is not consistent. According to the IEC 61280 - is being revised 4 - 1: installed multimode cable factory attenuation measurement, the following is the possible change for access instructions ( LSPM— — The light source/power meter; Annex F is circular flux requirement) : when using LSPM test BIMMF or non BIMMF wiring, should be used to meet defined in appendix F emission requirements of BIMMF emission lines. When selecting test line need extra attention. Should be used for optimization test, by testing equipment suppliers or recommend test line. In order to maintain appropriate emission conditions, test equipment manufacturers have adopted different implementation strategies. A method is used in external test online tuning of the scroll in the factory. Another way to adjust the light source inside the launch, and took place in light emission conditions. Then external test line coupled to the hard, do not use the scroll. However, this 'form transparent' test line must have a very strict optical and physical properties, to maintain the appropriate launch. , no matter adopt what kind of implementation method need not BIMMF. If you use use ready-made BIMMF test line cable and testing, some things will happen. First of all, the certification test may not be accepted - — It is difficult to display circular flux and standards compliance. Second, if you don't use circular flux, the measured attenuation measurement may lead to link link failure, especially in the case of loss budget is small. So even if the data communication BIMMF are used more and more of the world, but standards committee has identified tester needs to insist on the use of BIMMF test line. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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