BANNER bonner DF - G3 series fiber amplifier matters needing attention and troubleshooting

by:FOT     2020-07-04

Df - G3 development of amplifier is to provide high energy remote testing, it is a high-performance sensor with dual display, can be used with plastic fiber or glass fiber. IO -

belt Link model between the main equipment and sensor adopts point-to-point communication links, to facilitate remote monitoring, teaching, and configure the remote detection, correlation , detection distance (up to 3 m 10 feet) More readable dual display can display real-time signal at the same time value and threshold value. Simple user interface, the sensor is easy to install, can be imported through the digital display and switch/button or remote teaching line programming crosstalk resistant function can allow seven amplifier installation and testing energy-saving light interference, side by side in the industrial lighting environment stability testing of high energy and fine amplifier can realize to detect the position of the multi-function tiny components can realize remote teaching line control: LED lights, output, remote teaching input, and to avoid crosstalk. The operator according to the specific conditions of application to control the sensitivity ( Lag) , provide additional detection sensitivity or stable output. Optical fiber clamps can provide a stable, reliable and trouble-free fixed. Through the teaching ( 教) And Settings ( 集) Excessive gain and threshold can be set up, meet the requirements of the vast majority of applications, especially in fast response and low contrast applications

fiber amplifier ( Amplifier, abbreviated OFA) Refers to the use in communication lines, realize the signal amplification of a new type of optical amplifier. As part of the sensor element. According to its position and role in the line, generally divided into relay amplify, preamplifier and power amplifier. With traditional semiconductor laser amplifier ( SOA) OFA comparison, there is no need through the photoelectric conversion, electro-optical transformation and complex signal regeneration process, can be directly to all-optical signal amplifier, has the very good & other; Transparency & throughout; Enlarge the relay, especially for long distance optical communication. OFA, as it were, in order to realize all optical communication laid a technical foundation.

BANNER bonner DF - G3 series fiber amplifier troubleshooting

fiber amplifier, the panel displays and the actual output is synchronized, if panel display is normal, then optical amplifier output is normal, if this case testing optical amplifier power decrease or not enough time, the possibility of big has the following kinds:

1. Optical power meter, home-made optical power meter can only test the optical power output smaller equipment, can't test power output of EDFA, optical power meter test optical amplifier must be imported, can't not accurate instrument used as the standard.

2。 Outlet flange is damaged, the less likely.

3。 Users use undeserved, plug when the machine is working, burns optical amplifier output tail fiber head, cause the loss of optical amplifier output power, such as this occurs, as long as to welding optical amplifier output connector.

4。 Users using tail fiber the poor quality of fiber core is too long, the insert bruised tail after the fiber optical amplifier output connectors, this phenomenon is the test is good, the second light power down when inserted into the test again, the solution to this problem is also as long as to welding optical amplifier output connector can,

5. The wavelength of light source is wrong, if the wavelength of 1550 nm light transmitter has a deviation, can cause optical amplifier output optical power is not enough, also can cause small panel displays.

6。 Smaller light power of input optical amplifier, if is lower than the standard values may lead to smaller light power, and panel display will be smaller.

BANNER bonner DF - G3 series fiber amplifier note

1. Do not type export points to the human body, especially eyes, lest cause damage.

2。 Do not routed in the current state of connection, in order to avoid caused by improper operation output end of fiber end face burned.

3。 Due to large power output of the products, pay attention to when using the machine work at room temperature, keep ventilated.

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