Balluff sensor fiber optic equipment BFB0001 instructions

by:FOT     2020-06-26

balluff fiber sensor equipment BFB0001 instructions balluff sensor is outstanding professional products inspection existence, shape, color, distance and the thickness. Photoelectric sensors balluff sensor can check existence, shape, color, distance and the thickness For robots, automation equipment, installation and operation is optimized. These balluff sensors is an expert in each have avatar * : respectively parts recognition and counting, crib high monitoring, detection, widgets, calibration, tag identification through glass, material level detection and more USES. The following simple introduce balluff part parameters of optical fiber sensor equipment BFB0001: balluff fiber optic equipment sensor devices BFB0001 model is: BFB k - 75 001 - N - 02

balluff fiber optic equipment sensor equipment BFB0001 key characteristics:

product categories fiber equipment function principle, optical structure based on optical fiber model series model series 75 k hexahedron, direct mouth size xx SnSn mm range depends on the fiber type LED light - Red light interface, PVC, 2. 00 m switch output NPN ( 1x) Switch function normally open contacts/normally closed contacts ( NO/NC) Working voltage. 。 。 V switching frequency f, zui ( Under the Ue) Environmental temperature - 1500 Hz 20. 。 。 60 ° C protection grade conform to IEC 60529 ip64 fiber interface? 2.

BFB 75 k - 2毫米 001 - N - 02 on electric note:

measurement current Ie100 mA voltage drop Ud, zui ( In Ie) 2. 5 V switching delay ton, zui big value of 0. 33 ms switch function normally open contacts/normally closed contacts ( NO/NC) Switching frequency f, zui ( Under the Ue) 1500 Hz switch output NPN ( 1x)

BFB 75 k - 001 - N - 02 in the technical parameters on the mechanical aspects:

number 4 conductor wire length is 2. 00 0 m wire section. 14 was cable sheath material PVC cable diameter D, zui big 4. 0 mm fixed way bolt M3DIN orbit, 35 mm environment temperature Ta, zui 60 ° C temperature Ta, zui small - 20 ° C hexahedral structure, mouth shell material ABS real switch directly from the Sr according to optical scope SnSn depends on fiber optic equipment

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