Balluff based on fiber Bragg grating laser displacement sensor

by:FOT     2020-07-01

balluff displacement sensor based on fiber Bragg grating laser Bragg grating laser with high efficiency, low threshold, compact structure, high beam quality, good reliability, and many other advantages, in the life sciences, optical communication, magnetic field sensor and temperature sensor is widely used in the field. The main research method in Bragg grating - Perot ( 光纤光栅, 《外交政策》) Cavity of continuous spread pulse laser incident response, Bragg grating method - in the cloth Perot cavity ring-down spectroscopy and its application, based on single fiber Bragg grating wavelength laser displacement sensors balluff, based on the injection of fiber grating laser displacement sensors balluff and balluff based on dual wavelength fiber grating laser displacement sensor.

based on fiber Bragg grating laser displacement sensors balluff specific research contents include: in ignoring FBG ( fiber optic equipment Bragg grating) Under the condition of nonlinear effect, research on the FBG - single-mode fiber nonlinear effect FP( - method Perot) Lumen output characteristic, the influence of export continuous spread pulse laser incident, FBG - FP cavity transmissivity of mathematical expressions. The results show that the continuous wave incident, FBG - Present the FP cavity bistable output characteristic; Pulsed laser incident, FBG - And the characteristics of the FP cavity output of ring-down appear modulation instability. Theoretical and experimental study based on pulse laser incident Bragg grating method - in the cloth Perot cavity ring-down technology of magnetic field sensor. General expression of the output electric field was derived, the weak magnetic field changes on the influence of cavity ring-down time. That the output light intensity and FBG - FP cavity ring-down time is inversely proportional to the coupled with weak magnetic field. The results show that based on FBG - theory and experiment FP cavity ring-down spectroscopy technology feasibility of magnetic field sensor. Experimental research on erbium-doped fiber Bragg grating laser mode competition phenomenon, the experiment research of Bragg grating temperature influence on the vibration mode. Research shows that temperature changes will affect the Bragg grating wavelength, thus affecting laser oscillation mode. Experimental data processing temperature sensitivity of 1. 29× 10 - 5/℃。 When two grating working temperature is 25 ℃, the output power for - 23. 69 dBm, the output of the laser wavelength for 1549. 96 nm, oblique efficiency is 0. 006%, and the threshold power of 154 mW. Put forward and the experiment research based on injection laser wavelength and time domain demodulation of fiber Bragg grating sensors balluff displacement. Experimental apparatus including rf signal modulated DFB laser as injection light, laser, Bragg grating spectrum analyzer, digital oscilloscope. Experimental measurement of displacement sensors balluff proposed dynamic range. Results verify balluff displacement sensor technology feasibility of temperature measurement. Set up experiment device and experiment research based on contains double wavelength of semiconductor saturable absorption mirror fiber grating laser displacement sensors balluff. Pulse repetition frequency is adjustable Q ~ 17 KHZ. The experimental data that temperature and double wavelength peak separation to present a good linear relationship, from - when working temperature Changes in 10 ℃ to 22 ℃, the temperature sensitivity of the displacement sensors balluff is measured for 21 PM / ℃.

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