AvaSpec - ULSi— — High quality industrial and OEM with fiber optic spectrometer

by:FOT     2020-07-08
The Netherlands Avantes company as OEM spectrum and designers in the world, has been in for industrial and OEM customers to provide high-quality spectrometer, and the consistency of the product.

this is because we use the ULS optical platform in the world, it greatly reduces the noise and stray light spectrometer, and improve the mechanical and thermal stability of the spectrometer. We put the ULS optical platform with a circuit board design integration, design surplus AvaSpec - small spectrometer ULSi。 The ultra low stray light integrated spectrometer ULSi, for industrial and OEM customers to provide higher quality.

Avantes company in the spectrometer is used in many industry * innovations: the board data processing technology, can replace the slit technology and wireless data transmission technology. We in the degree of trigger and fast data acquisition has been in the world, the FPGA ( Field programmable gate array) Can support different types of detector, spectrometer calibration factor of the card storage, etc. And a lot of this kind of design concept comes from the close to our OEM customers, AvaSpec - ULSi.

you can according to your application, for your ULSi choose three different types of detectors:

& bull; SONY2048CCD - — Low cost, high quality

& bull; SONY2048LCCD - — Big pixels, higher sensitivity

& bull; Toshiba3648CCD— — Higher resolution

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