AvaSpec - 256 type optical fiber spectrometer technology indexes and configuration

by:FOT     2020-06-25
AvaSpec - Fiber-optic spectrometer based on AvaBench - 256 45 optical platform, USES the symmetrical light path design, with 256 pixels CMOS detector array. Spectrometer including fiber optic connectors, Standard SMA interface, also can choose other types of interface) , collimating lens and focus lens and diffraction grating. Provide 13 different dispersion coefficient and blaze wavelength grating for the user to choose from, 200 - measuring wavelength range 1100nm。 AvaSpec - 256 type optical fiber spectrometer can be configured with a 14 AD conversion card for the two kinds of electronic platform, USB1. 1 or new USB2. And RS - 0 interface 232 interface.

AvaSpec - Type 256 application field of fiber optic equipment spectrometer is especially suitable for need low noise. In addition, you can choose a special probe coating to enhance response of CCD in the ultraviolet band, or select the sensitivity enhancement lens to increase the sensitivity. The data on the spectrometer rear panel I/O interface can provide external trigger function, and can control the light shutter Avantes company and pulse xenon lamp switch. AvaSpec - The type 256 spectrometer can also be configured to dual channel or multi-channel ( More than eight channels) , and between each channel is synchronous sampling.

AvaSpec - 256 standard configuration includes AvaSoft - type fiber optic spectrometer Basic free software, operation manual, USB cable and PS - 12 vdc / 1。 2 power supply. AvaSoft - Full Full functional software and other applications require a separate order. In addition, you can convert AvaSpec - for free for users 256 - SPU type spectrometer, the spectrometer can through the USB interface power supply without additional power supply.

AvaSpec - 256 - USB2 have a USB2 interface, the interface of the sampling rate per second per second (1500 spectra Including the average signal processing board) , the data transmission speed of 1. 5 ms, and support the analog signal input and output. Add bluetooth ( 英国电信) Communication and storage on the board spectrum of SDRAM card options. AvaSpec - 256 - USB2 through USB port power supply, the supplementary AvaSoft - Basic free software, operation manual, USB cable. Can be extended for multiple channels ( More than 128 channels) Of different channel USB2 spectrometer, detector can be carried out in accordance with the different integral time synchronization to scan.

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