Automatic cable tractors, fiber feeding machine

by:FOT     2020-10-30
Cable tractors, fiber pay-off machine after many years of research and development, improvement, testing, through a large number of user authentication, the machine adopts a built-in transmission device to ensure the construction safety, the machine transmission force by the belt conveyor can be automatically adjusted pre-tightening force, force uniform, the cable not picky, it does not hurt spring. With humanized design machine appearance, easy to move, easy to transport, and is equipped with meter allows you to easily handle material. One person can operate machinery, equal to 4 5 the amount of labor, save time, effort, save money, greatly reduces the project cycle and the production cost, and comprehensive fiber optic cable construction convenient and efficient. Product principle and using 1, this machine is mainly composed of tractor engine, fiber optic cable variables box, transmission device of three parts, jaw of transmission device adopts fluctuation must open and close, make the fiber effectively and freely. Tractors with gasoline engine as power source, the variable box drives the spindle chain wheel, chain bite transmission belt, realize the straight line, the machine is also equipped with support bar to support the machine in the operation of the cable force, keep to send the cable machine. 2, the machine operation is simple, manually start the machine after four operating gear, respectively, Push, quick pull, neutral, slow pull) Select the desired gear. Shift must be before the throttle to the idle state, hang up the files after control throttle can work of the hands. Use after shut off switch. Electric start version of tractor listed product main technical parameters of professional cable machine, product main technical parameters: 1 traction: & gt; 200 KG2 traction speed: 1 m - 1. 6 m/S4 conveying mouth biggest opening size: 5 mm - 45 mm5 applicable cable: 288 core / 7 * 2. 6/4 * below 35 m2 ( Cable/steel hinge line/cable) 5 belt size: wide circumference of 1000 m * 60 mm6 gasoline engine box: 4 liters ( 90/92 # gasoline) 7 optical fiber welding machine equipment total power: 4. 3 KW8 machine size: 80 * 60 * 80 cm/length * width * height 9 line carrier size: the diameter 110 cm * 85 cm inner diameter ( Removable) 10 machine weight: 90 kg11 fiber optic equipment welding machine gears: draw, neutral, slow, fast
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