Answer a few questions about temperature person cervix and industrial thermometer

by:FOT     2020-11-24
1, why take human body measurement is 36 degrees or above, with the industry will be much lower? A: this is because the temperature the cervix the forehead to 36. Within 5 degrees will be adjusted to 36 degrees, industry will show the real actual temperature, the forehead is not fixed temperature, will be affected by the environment, the industry is not inaccurate, and shows the actual temperature, whether the body or by industry, as long as according to 37 degrees are all belong to the normal body temperature, higher than 37 degrees belong to a fever. 2, industrial thermometer progress can be achieved using effect? A: is ok. Thermometer is the main characteristic measurement quickly, convenient and quick detection, very appropriate preliminary screening for fever, according to the second question. Method one: in the actual measurement, the choice of a basic value, lower than the benchmark is normal temperature, as long as the above benchmark, mercury thermometer can be used for review. Method 2: it is recommended that you first use the infrared thermometer to an average surface temperature, and then mercury thermometer with precision of axillary temperature, take the difference between the two data, the difference on the industrial infrared thermometer will know the correct value. 3, the science use: whether medical, or industrial infrared thermometer its principle is to accept infrared wave emitted by human body. Measurement of surface temperature, normal human forehead temperature than the axillary temperature low - 1 About 2 ° C, and forehead environmental change is bigger, so clinical reference axillary temperature as a medical temperature measurement. A key to medical thermometer through software before they go out revised the difference or limit the scope of related. Industrial products more real feedback temperature measurement. The body's normal emissivity is 0. 98 ( Thermometer zero by default. 95). So in 34 - the results of measurement About 35 ° C. All of the infrared products ( Including infrared thermal imager) You can change emission rate is 0. 8 to avoid a non-professional use correction difference of temperature is not. ( Note: the forehead greater impact on the environment changes, so the only reference for preliminary screening. Whether medical or industrial detector principle is the same, hope to be of help) Hand the original thermometer and thermal imager can use up! Industrial temperature measurement and crown said medical temperature measurement, actually the original is the same, just distance to do the different adjustment! Is measuring the human body surface temperature, will be influenced by environmental temperature, so in the current temperature, measuring the human ear, the neck is better than the forehead. Overall, industrial temperature thermometer can substitute person cervix emergency use, but the need for prior case, preliminary screening can be done very good fever crowd. About medical infrared thermometer and professional infrared thermometer winter use professional medical infrared thermometer, infrared thermometer using the environment above 32 degrees or below 36. 5 are shown about 36 ° C by adjusting the emissivity can be correctly according to the actual measured temperature when the temperature is below - people table 5 ° C can choose hardy professional models can't be measured when the temperature is less than 10 ° C by adjusting the emissivity can't be measured correctly according to the actual measured one table when the temperature is less than 15 ° C temperature can be measured, the forehead exposed outside high temperature for a long time researchers showed normal can be measured, can proper screening of forehead long time high temperature exposure outside the staff when the temperature is higher than 15 ° C measurement by adjusting the normal emissivity measured one table can be correctly according to the actual temperature when the temperature is higher than 25 ° C normal normal measurement medical infrared thermometer is an infrared thermometer series through simplifying software revision to derive the complex environment conditions of products, easy to operate but to adapt to the harsh environment, suggested that the winter indoors more than 15 ° C to correct use of professional infrared thermometer can be more widely used under the environmental conditions, but for experienced researchers by adjusting the emissivity true measure the correct temperature
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