Anhui days kang cable applications of optical fiber cable

by:FOT     2020-06-28

anhui days kang cable application of fiber optic cable

a, optical cable in the application of 35 kv lines, in September 2007 by the national power grid of hebei electric power company project, and by RongYi communication co. , LTD. , and baoding, hebei province electric power company to share, and in clean YuanBai regiment to Hao Zhuang substations of 35 kv line application, the project construction, shorten the time limit for a project, reducing the damage to farmland seedling, to enhance the creation of disaster ability, realize the integration of the power flow, business flow, information flow transmission.

2, optical cable used in the rural power grid construction, rural power network, long distance, across the mountains, rivers, more complex, the use of optical cable once set up, a construction, an investment, reducing the covers and the destruction of forest trees, farmland, green crops. Photoelectric transmit at the same time, make the electricity, television, broadband information, at the same time to each of the new rural villages, to strengthen the management and interaction at the grass-roots level, to strengthen the new rural electrification, informationization and rural spiritual civilization construction.

light cable is particularly suited to more provinces, yunnan, guizhou mountainous area in the cable can't reach, the satellite signal at the mountain of cases, the optical cable in the transmission power of passing information at the same time, is good zui refuse scheme.

three, optical cable used in urban power grid construction. Urban power grid has the aerial and buried in two ways, especially the ground line, optical cable line after buried, available to the operation condition of the fiber optic equipment detection circuit, such as landslides, water, overheating, overload, joint adjusting the line current by acquiring data, ensure the safety of power grid.

4, user terminals. End user is the important component of the power grid, better serve customers, make each customer satisfaction is the aim of the service power system. Optical cable optical information and integration of power transmission to the user, which makes the user with the user, the user to interact with formed between the grid company. Make electricity meter reading, read more convenient control, video and other data, makes the new energy, such as: more convenient access to the power grid, such as wind power and solar energy lay a foundation for the realization of the distributed energy management in the future.

5, optical cable for uhv backbone communication and detection circuit of three phase line working condition, ensure the safety of the backbone. Photoelectric integration transmission, and solve the problem of long distance power transmission communication.

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