Analyze the EPRO the basic properties of the fiber optic sensor

by:FOT     2020-06-27

EPRO optical fiber sensor is a kind of transform the state of an object to be tested for measurable optical signal of the sensor. The working principle of optical fiber sensor is to light the incident beam through the fiber optic equipment to the modulator, within the modulator measured parameters of the interaction with the outside world. Make the optical properties of the light as the light intensity, wavelength, frequency, phase, polarization, such as change, become the modulation of optical signal, through the optical fiber into the photoelectric devices, after demodulator for the parameter being measured. The whole process, the beam of light through fiber imported, through the modulator after injection, in which the role of the optical fiber is first transfer beam, the second is have the effect of light modulator. The principle, structure, style, its potential has the advantage of high accuracy of measurement, resistance to electromagnetic interference, security, explosion-proof, around well. While the existing temperature sensor should not be used for flammable and explosive occasions.

EPRO characteristics of fiber optic sensor

1. High sensitivity;

2。 Has many aspects of adaptability, geometric shapes can be made into any shape of the optical fiber sensor;

3。 Can make sensing various physical information ( Sound, magnetic, temperature, rotation, etc. ) The device;

4。 Can be used in high pressure, electrical noise, high temperature, corrosion, or other severe environment;

5。 And internal compatibility with optical remote sensing technology.

EPRO advantages of optical fiber sensor is compared with the traditional all kinds of sensors, fiber optic equipment sensor used as sensitive information carrier, using optical fiber as transmission of sensitive information medium, has the characteristics of optical fiber and optical measurement, a series of unique advantages. Electric insulation performance is good, strong electromagnetic interference resistance, non-invasive, high sensitivity, easy to implement remote monitoring of measured signal, corrosion, explosion-proof, optical path can be flexing resistance, convenient for connecting with the computer.

EPRO, fiber optic equipment sensor in sensitive and adaptable, compact and intelligent direction, it can be in the place where people can not reach, Such as high temperature or harmful to the people of the region, such as the radiation zone) , have eyes and ears of the man, and still can go beyond physical boundaries, receives people's senses feel outside information.

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