Aircheck G2 version updates

by:FOT     2020-07-16
AirCheckG2 has just released a new maintenance release. The new version V 1. 1. 1, including some important maintenance repair, details please see attached the Chinese version of the Release Notes. This upgrade AirCheck G2 and AirCheck G2 software and firmware version of the notice has been placed on NETSCOUT website. At the same time, through E-mail, we will inform all we know of registered users to upgrade. Upgrade path AirCheck G2 and V1 AirCheck G2 management software. 1. 1 upgrade software can be freely available to all users with AirCheck. Customers need to download and install the v1 AirCheck G2 management software. 1. 388. And then through the AirCheck G2 management software can download and update the AirCheck G2 to V1. 1. 1 version. Download Chinese version Release Notes: AirCheck G2 version 1. 1. 1 notice. PDF version 1. 1. 1 defect fix DE15420 after repaired the defect of influence the accuracy of the report rate, rate of client connection can be added to the client on the screen and AirCheck G2 Manager. DE15947 check not connected to detect the client has been improved, can report a higher number of the client. DE15747 WPA/connected personal password ( The Shared secret) Password now supports more than 32 characters long. Sometimes DE15707 channel screen display channel utilization rate more than 100% DE15737 whenever AirCheck G2 to an AP, the channel noise will reduce a few dBm. DE16099 in roaming testing interface, the AP name will not be updated version 1 as the AirCheck G2 roaming. 1. 1 known issues DE14570AirCheck G2 Manager does not apply to virtual AP group ( In the same multiple AP) 。 So open virtual AP AirCheck G2 after the AP number may be shown on AirCheck Manager on the number of AP is not equal. DE14604 if automatic test link to a hidden network, network coverage 0 ap will be shown. This leads to when using the default network coverage threshold link test failure will be shown. You can adjust this in Settings/threshold threshold to avoid this kind of circumstance happening. DE14857 when through AirCheck G2 Manager to upgrade the firmware, if you see the message 'AirCheckG2 firmware file transfer error', can put the AirCheck G2 disconnected, shutdown and restart, and then perform the firmware upgrade. DE15401 if a negative signal adjustment over - lead to signal level 99 dBm the lowest limit, signal/noise ratio ( SNR signal to noise ratio) See the value of the may not be correct. DE15466链接- Live not for wireless channel utilization generate a report of the connection test. DE15486 disconnected from AirCheck G2 Manager and restart, if AirCheck G2 automatic test, Ethernet test and soft key cannot be used ( Grey) , please restart again AirCheck G2. DE15541 if AirCheck G2 is set value of a channel scan, is likely to be Internet connection test will be connected to the network is really a different channel. In this case the Link - Live on 802. 11 types on lost. DE15659 if on AirCheck G2 Manager create/edit a contains multiple security authentication in a network configuration file and upload the configuration file AirCheck G2, then by editing the AirCheck G2 network, the first in the configuration file security authentication can be used in the network. NetScout Aircheck G2 software download: http://www. faxytech。 com/archives/aircheck- g2- 下载。 html
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