Achieve new breakthroughs in our fiber laser is better than that of international counterparts

by:FOT     2020-07-01

the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai institute of optical precision machinery, advanced laser technology and application system laboratory Li Jianlang researcher team & other; Radial polarization fiber laser & throughout; Research work has made breakthrough progress. The team from ytterbium doped fiber laser 2. 42 watts rate, high polarization and high purity of axisymmetric radial polarized laser output, to create the current research of radial polarization fiber laser zui record high. Radial polarization beam in the ion trap, biological optical tweezers and high resolution microscopy, electron acceleration and rate of high precision metal materials processing and other fields has a very important application, through a solid, gas laser output to produce this kind of beam directly has become one of the international research hot spot. Li Jianlang in 2006 put forward by use of rare earth doped multimode fiber optic equipment as gain medium to the concept of radial polarized laser output directly, and in the ytterbium doped fiber laser experiments nearly 40 milliwatts of radial polarized laser output ( 选择。 列托人。 , 31, 2969, 2006; 选择。 列托人。 , 32, 1360, 2007; Laser Phys. 列托人。 , 4, 814, 2007) 。 After the research is to develop, Israel's weizmann institute ( 以色列魏茨曼科学研究所的) And the university of Dayton, 美国代顿大学) Scientists have through hard research institutions, such as in erbium-doped fiber laser has realized 140 milliwatts ( Slope efficiency is about 3%) The radial polarized laser output ( 达成。 理论物理。 列托人。 , 93, 191104, 2008; 达成。 理论物理。 列托人。 , 95, 191111, 2009) 。 In the previous study, due to the parasitic oscillation factors such as interference, laser efficiency and power is very low, and low polarization purity and poor beam axial symmetry critical defects, limits the further practical application of radial polarization fiber laser technology. The group Li Jianlang, lindy groped after about a year of struggle, in the experiment using the optical fiber coupling from end face pump 1 976 nm diode laser. 8 meters long multimode ytterbium doped double clad fiber. The gain parameters, fiber optic equipment with low V only support and its adjacent order fiber base model ( Including the TM01 mode, namely the radial polarization mode) Transmission. At the same time, gain fiber a face is cut into eight o Angle to suppress parasitic oscillation between the optical fiber end face. Experiment with radial polarization selectivity of photonic crystal grating lens as laser output coupler. The experiment measured laser threshold pump power of 0. 9 w, when zui large pump power 7 w output power reached 2. 42 w, light & ndash; Light efficiency is 35% ( The corresponding slope efficiency of 43. 8%) The laser wavelength of 1050 nm. Laser output circular ring spot, and the radial polarization, polarization purity of 96%. This result is far superior to other international counterparts. The experiment proved that the radial polarization fiber laser can fully meet with the same kind of solid laser compare to the performance index, which basically eliminated the development and application of radial polarization fiber laser technology.

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