About the welding machine welding failure cause analysis

by:FOT     2020-11-03
Communication technology co. , LTD. For all welding machine welding failure in molten misgivings: contact appear black spots may fiber itself, may fiber end face rough or Angle problem, may be abnormal high pressure discharge or electrode stick too dirty. Trying to consider to set the overlap length increase to 12, and welding a try; Visual again see if optical fiber welding machine discharge stability, also pay attention to clean fiber optic equipment V groove presser foot, at the same time guarantee the cutting knife cutting Angle. 1. Sure is a single mode or multimode, the first to clean the optical fiber, with industrial pure alcohol medical impurity may appear this kind of circumstance; 2. And do a discharge current correction calibration; 3. Guarantee the cutting knife Angle below 3 degrees, according to these methods have a try first, then use other optical fusion took, whether exclude the fiber quality problems. Communication technology co. , LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise through the ISO9000 quality system certification, the specialty is engaged in the photovoltaic technology products research and development, production and sales. Company production and operation of optical fiber welding machine, optical time domain reflectometer ( OTDR) , light source, optical power meter, fiber optic equipment identifier, optical attenuator, fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable construction tools and equipment, fiber optic fast in connectors, optical passive components and other products, widely used in telecommunications, mobile, unicom, post and telecommunications, radio and television, electric power, railway, petrochemical, troops, coal, scientific research institutions, and other fields.
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