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by:FOT     2020-07-18
NETSCOUT products: NETSCOUTSystems, Inc. Acquired FlukeNetworks part of the business enterprise. The following product is now owned by NETSCOUT: Visual, TruView, ClearSight, NetworkTimeMachine, OptiViewXG, OneTouch, LinkRunner, LinkSprinter, AirCheck and AirMagnet. For these products, please visit the end user license agreement and warranty. Unless this warranty otherwise stated, each FlukeNetworks product in under the condition of normal use and maintenance to ensure no defects on materials and technology. Host to guarantee period is one year, since the acquisition date. Unless otherwise specified, parts, accessories, product maintenance and service warranty for 90 days. Nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries, cable, or other peripherals are considered to be parts or accessories. From FlukeNetworks this warranty applies only to authorized dealers to buy the product of the original buyer or terminal customers, does not apply to in FlukeNetworks view by misuse, abuse, modification, negligence, pollution or damage due to an accident, or damage caused by improper operation and processing products. FlukeNetworks guarantee software according to its functional specification fully running 90 days, and right burn on the medium without defect. FlukeNetworks does not guarantee software there are no errors or run not break. Tools, test components, and other identification products refer to account for the different maintenance in the table below, or consult with specific products provided by other warranty terms and conditions. Tools, test components and AirMagnet products do not provide on-site maintenance services, customers should be returned directly to FlukeNetworks customer support service department to conduct a comprehensive maintenance. For practical reasons, the customer can be the warranty maintenance for some products. FlukeNetworks some files and replace parts can be obtained when buy. Product warranty impact tools and D - Impactor five line kumite line tools, Except the blade) , socket wrench, ProbePic lifetime warranty TS? 40 seriestestsets3年TS吗? 52 protestsets plug-in telephone test equipment ( TS吗? Except 40 series) ,Pro3000 ? AnalogTone& 探针、ADSLSplitter ModularAdapters CoaxStrippers, CableStrippers ModularCrimper,需要 L - 锁? crimpingpliers, TS ? 100 cablefaultfinder, TS ? 90 cablefaultfinder, TS ? Isdn test components, TS 250? 1200 adsl/POTS test components, JackRapid? PunchdownTool ( Except for cutting head) ,抽查? Electrician special cut, D - ADSLPresenceTester18 months 剪吗? Scissors, CableSplicingKnife90 AirMagnetFieldExpressKit90 days ( Not including laptop battery) Analysis service elements 18 months FlukeNetworks authorized dealers should buy a new unused product end users to provide the warranty, but have no right to represent FlukeNetworks enlarge or change the scope of this warranty. Only in FlukeNetworks authorized sales outlet to buy the product or the buyer pay the applicable international prices, can enjoy the warranty support services. In the range of the law allows, if purchased in a country products to another country repair/replacement. FlukeNetworks warranty responsibility have certain scope, FlukeNetworks during the warranty period the return FlukeNetworks authorized service center of the product, can choose a refund, free maintenance or replacement of defective products. To obtain warranty service, please contact the nearest FlukeNetworks authorized service center, get the return authorization information, then put the product back to the service center, with problem description, postage and insurance premium prepaid amount ( The destination of delivery) 。 The risk of loss of FlukeNetworks does not assume the transport process. After completion of the warranty, the product will be returned to the buyer, prepaid freight ( The destination of delivery) 。 If FlukeNetworks determine fault by negligence, misuse, pollution, modification, accident or abnormal situation in the operation or use of, or mechanical parts caused by normal wear and tear, so FlukeNetworks will estimate the maintenance cost, and began after the authorized warranty work. After repair, the product will return prepaid freight by the buyer, the buyer bear the maintenance cost and the return freight, QiYunDian ex) 。 This warranty only remedies for buyers to replace all other warranty terms ( Express or implied) , including but not limited to merchantability or suitability for a particular purpose of any implied warranty. FLUKENETWORKS not any special, indirect, incidental or subsequent damage or damages, including the theory of any reason or cause data loss. Because some countries do not allow to limit hinted that guarantee terms, or restrict or exclude the indirect or secondary losses, so the limitation or exclusion of this warranty does not apply to every buyer. If the terms of this warranty of any invalid, or the court the judge cannot execute or legal jurisdiction, then the invalid provision shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the other provisions. FlukeNetworksPOBox777 Everett, Washington, 98206 - 0777 the U. S.
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