A portable optical fiber grinding machine

by:FOT     2020-06-21

portable fiber grinding machine no. : CX20B

portable fiber grinding rate of grinding machine is a high performance fiber optic equipment, through practical test, several customer finish enough to meet the requirements of fiber optic equipment connector grinding process, performance, stable quality, won the customer high praise, is one of the field of engineering products. Main features: 1. For grinding various types of connectors. 2. Environmental protection, simple design is easy operation. 3. Small volume, in the laboratory and easy to carry. 4. Zui laboratory environment and engineering environment to suit the application or a few connection head repair. 5. High grinding efficiency, short time. The panel is introduced fiber grinding machine appearance figure as follows ( A positive figure) Position: on the back of the power socket ( The diagram below) Voltage: 12 VDC power: 15 w grinding Numbers: 1 ~ 6 head weight: 2. 85 kg shape dimension: 120 * 130 * 180 mm grinding sheet size: 68 mm grinding methods: rotation & amp; Revolution of technology parameters: timer: a timer ( Zui big 30 SEC) The motor speed: 100 RPM rotation, 3. : (3 RPM revolution of accessories 1) Power line 1. ( 2) Abrasive pads one fiber grinding machine operation process is as follows: 1. Connect the power supply 2. Choose the type of grinding fixture, the grinding can be grinding process is as follows: 1, with 15 um SiC grinding paper glue, milling time is 15 sec2, with 9 um emery paper mill, milling time is 30 sec3, with 3 um emery paper mill, milling time is 30 sec4, grinding with 1 um emery paper, milling time is 20 sec5, with FOS - 1 emery paper polishing, grinding time for 30 SEC, such as grinding the effect not beautiful, can be appropriately adjust grinding machine four screws in the high and low pressure column pressure adjustments, zui better grinding effect!

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