A new type of optical fiber liquid level sensor principle, structure, characteristics and applications

by:FOT     2020-07-07

new principle, structure, characteristics and application of optical fiber liquid level sensor based on the inhibition of GXY - of the principle of total internal reflection Series of quality optical fiber liquid level sensor is Beijing China science and technology co. , LTD. ( http://www。 sensorchina。 com. Cn or WWW. sensor168。 com. cn) Independent research and development production of light intensity modulation type switch sensor. The structural type optical fiber sensor, use red or near-infrared light as the light source, as a carrier for signal transmission in optical fiber optical fiber sensing head of the detection unit, using the light refraction principle, through the light in the air and different refractive index analysis of the measured medium, realize the level of fixed-point monitoring. Working principle diagram is as follows: see picture: figure GXY - working principle of the optical fiber probe Main series fiber optic liquid level sensor by fiber optic equipment probe, sealed sheath maerial, photoelectric conversion and control system. Products are divided into: general type, pressure type, heat resistance, anti-corrosion, the Ann model and single point and multi-point for user to choose from. This series of products are: (1) is small in size, shape variable, and the light path has its characteristics of flexure, convenient installation, easy maintenance; (2) the optical fiber sensing head can be in & le; 0. 1 mm level change under the condition of trigger signal output, high sensitivity; (3) the prominent characteristics of products is to apply the new type of optical fiber sensing field without electricity detection technology to replace the traditional electricity detection technology, with & other; The Ann model & throughout; Explosion-proof and electromagnetic interference resistance, radiation resistance, electrical insulation characteristics; (4) in flammable and explosive, high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosion and other harsh environments, the physical performance is stable, safe and reliable. 5. This series of products is a domestic *, high accuracy, security, stability, anti-interference and the advantages of long service life, is incomparable by other instruments, suitable for strong electromagnetic radiation, high voltage, strong corrosion and inflammable, explosive, used in high temperature and high pressure, etc. This series of products can be widely used in chemical, petrochemical, chemical fiber, fertilizer, food, medicine, transportation, logistics, storage and transportation and military industry and other industries in the process of production, storage and transport a variety of liquid storage tank, storage tank, and various reaction kettle of water, oil, chemicals, acid, alkali, corrosion fluid and hydrocarbon, alkanes, benzene, alcohol, ether and other low viscosity liquids such as clean liquid medium separation of liquid level detection, high accuracy of the key point control and monitoring; At the same time, easy to connect with computer, with the existing optical communication technology of remote sensing network and fiber optic equipment sensing network, realize the tank group network monitoring, is one of the advanced interface monitoring instrument in the world. Technical indicators

DC12V power supply parameters parameters work, & ge; 600 ma output signal switch signal detection accuracy & le; 0. 1 mm detection points 1 ~ 6 - work RS458 / RS232 communication interface temperature 40 ~ 260 ℃ work pressure & ge; 10 mpa response time & le; 0. 5 s measurement way, up and down limit points, multi-point quasi distributed key level measurement explosion-proof marks Exia Ⅱ CT6 ( Sheath maerial) ; ( Exia] ⅡC ( Transmitter) Transmission distance & le; 1 km measurement medium low viscosity liquid

it type fiber optic equipment products: fiber material level sensor, optical fiber coupler, etc. Companies adhering to the & other; Customer first, forge ahead & throughout; The management idea, insisted that & other; The customer * & throughout; The principle of provide for the general customers the service. Warmly welcome new and old customers to patronize! Beijing science and Technology of quality China Co. , LTD. , Beijing WellStar Technology Co. 有限公司 Address: Beijing chaoyang district beiyuan road 13 yuan 1 floor of A unit 4 layer; : 100107; :; Fax:; : Liu Ju sheen; Mobile: : sensorchina; :http://www。 sensorchina。 com. Cn or WWW. sensor168。 com. cn;
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