A new optical fiber welding machine offer?

by:FOT     2020-11-05
Fiber optical system of welding machine cleaning, including objective lens, CCD ( Need to tear open machine) Clean, mirror, such as LED, can solve the optical imaging blur, the background is too dark, the core is slow, staining, type recognition error, splicing loss is big, bubbles, etc. Electrode clean, through grinding can remove oxide on the surface of the electrode, electrode discharge can be solved through left over right, discharge, discharge too weak, welding deformation of , coarse interloper, welding strength is not enough, also can increase the service life of the electrode 1 - 2 times, saves the replacement material cost. V groove and the cleanness of presser foot, can solve the fiber is unusual, fiber optic Angle is too large, the motor is beyond, to the long axis. fiber optic equipment welding machine clean inside ( Need to tear open machine) , can solve the broken fiber jammed motor, circuit board corrosion, low accuracy of axis, splicing loss, prolong the service life of equipment, etc. Debugging of equipment state and adjust the initial position of the motor, motor, discharge correction, stable electrode, software upgrades, can improve the welding quality and reduce time of core. A new welding machine offer? Now light to household and short trunk, basic can choose in the import and domestic, such high performance-price ratio. Optical fiber welding machine, brand models a lot. Ribbon fiber welding machine with less, welding machine is expensive, can be ignored. Note: when there is a loss of welding is larger or environmental change is bigger, the elevation of stable must perform before welding electrode discharge and correction.
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