A new generation of micro fiber spectrometer technology advantage analysis

by:FOT     2020-07-09
New FX series, a new generation of miniature fiber optic spectrometer CMOS detector is used to effectively improve the sensitivity. 4500 map to gain speed per second, and strengthen the communication module integrates the Ethernet and WiFi, new spectrometer in UV - VIS spectrum response is more sensitive, faster analysis in food sorting and process, biological sciences, and other industries performance is better. LIBS spectrum:

LIBS system, laser is used to stimulate plasma samples, the atomic emission spectrometer to obtain spectral line can determine the material composition of the sample. Due to the short life cycle of plasma, laser excitation sample time is very short, so you need to use more short integration time spectrometer to collect plasma main spectral information.

fast measurement:

fast obtain spectra can observe the characteristics of the spark, explosives, fire and other information, including the composition and temperature information, etc. By synchronizing trigger, can monitor the same reaction or different information of the same material at different times. 。 On-line monitoring:


to online in the production of products or to monitor the whole production process, because the whole process is very fast, in addition to testing point and specific, so testing instrument requires extremely fast spectral response time. Synchronous measurement during the process of production for real-time monitoring the whole process. LED sorting:

LEDs in the process of production by. cwl, FWHM, sorting or CIE color difference value, the entire sorting process is very fast, and color as the main judge index of white LED sorting, also because of the white LED & Delta; E value is relatively small, so you need to test equipment has a higher sensitivity and shorter time to obtain more stable spectral data. Laser:

although using spectrometer saturation phenomenon to test the laser very possible, but we still need to detect laser index. cwl and FWHM. If you need to detect FWHM, must ensure that the resolution of the spectrometer FWHM than laser. Even if the resolution of the spectrometer width in laser line width to be detected, as long as the detector is not saturated,. cwl value is accurate.

light emission spectrum ( OES) :

emission spectrum test tend to use in the field of scientific research, environmental monitoring, etc, the tested sample is generally gasification and the performance of atoms to form, the ionization of atomic emission spectrum of line can be used to characterize the material composition. Our OEM customers to use this method to detect the trace metals in the water, there are also other customers to use this method to test the industrial oil.

plasma monitoring:

plasma emission spectrum can be used to evaluate plasma state of die process. Laser welding/deposit:

by plasma emission spectrum of laser welding/in the process of deposition temperature and other parameters, so as to monitor the whole welding process.

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