A common problem of optical fiber

by:FOT     2020-07-07
Fiber coloring rewinding machine in the actual operation often appear all sorts of problems, such as uneven color, the color is too light, row line row not neat, color fiber optic attenuation is too big, etc. , after after technical personnel detailed analysis and discussion. 1, first of all for staining rewinding machine eccentric and coloring weak after coloring problem: to choose the mold to improve, to make it bigger than normal color choose die aperture 0. 003 - 0. 005mm。 And to wash mould at the end of the last in a timely manner. 2, coloring rewinding machine coloring after curing bad question: should be timely replacement of UV lamp, and record the UV lamp replacement, so that there is a problem when the queries in a timely manner. The second is to clean and replace glass in a timely manner. Third, timely clean the dirt on the reflectors. And in a timely manner to check the nitrogen pressure and flow rate. 3. fiber optic equipment staining after coloring rewinding machine, fiber optic attenuation is larger. Want to check out the big reason in the first place. If there is eccentric, or partial light, color, may be the cause of die blocked to clear in time.
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