6912 core optical fiber cable: enter the test time!

by:FOT     2020-07-14
6912 core optical fiber cable: enter the test time! Although most of the enterprise data center using the 12 to 144 fiber cable, but the cloud and hosting data center cable but some more - — Usually ranging from 864 to 1728. In most people's view, these big some cable is very crude benzene, but in those with hundreds of thousands of servers and will need to carry high traffic load of very large scale data center ( Such as amazon, Google, Microsoft and facebook) , 3456 and 5184 fiber cable are not rare. Moreover, whether you believe it or not, the number of fiber core is still growing. There are fiber optic equipment manufacturers launched 6912 fiber cable, and 7776 fiber cable will also hit the market soon. So much the number of fiber concentration in a fiber optic cable, it will increase the overall size of cable, also let the test time is harder to imagine. And we discuss here is not a simple level of insertion loss test. Big some large data centers use fiber optic cable for single mode fiber ribbon, usually using OTDR equipment for secondary testing. New and old specifications the gang when fiber optic equipment 3456 root, cable manufacturers will have to move around in order to keep the size of the cable in the scope of operability. Although outdoor fiber optic cable coating thickness is usually in 250 microns, but now, many big some cable used is 200 microns of optical design, to ensure that their more compact size. But remember, cable filling and cladding size remains the same, so in 250 or 900 micron fiber for multiplexed welding still want to keep normal operation specification. Some cable of some other new innovation, including winding type or the flexible ribbon cable ( Sometimes referred to as 'network') , can make its optical fiber core density reached nearly two times of traditional outdoor optical cable. 12 root in traditional flat type design, a set of fiber bundle stretching from the cable end to the other end; And can be winding type fiber optic equipment cable is preset position along the cable will 'combination' into a complete series of fiber optic core cable, so as to make fiber have the characteristics of the flexible. On average, this design can in 2 inches in diameter catheter into the 3456 optical fiber core, quantity can reach twice the flat type design. Not only that, but can be coiled ribbon cable also is lighter in weight, the extended distance can be laid at the same time also reduces the labor costs. Test track balance at the time of testing 6912 fiber cable, OTDR ( Optical time domain reflectometer) The tracking speed and efficiency of becomes important than ever. Imagine if the two OTDR single track time is 5 seconds, then the test time are almost 6912 optical fibers can be up to 10 hours. Launched OptiFiber ® Pro OTDR test instrument has higher dynamic range, and support the automatic setting and tracking analysis, can bring faster test. OptiFiber Pro dynamic range can be up to 42 db, with automatic tracking analysis function, trace test time/wavelength can be reduced to 2 seconds. Equipment can be used to analyze the data, after the completion of the test, and in the form of event graph, table, or trace shows the results of the analysis. Automatically set function can automatically multiple wavelength in a test and parameter test. For secondary OTDR test, given the industry standard, and most of the manufacturer's quality assurance requirements, and calculate the result of the test would be tested to two-way average, which can increase the testing time. For duplex fibre links, simply by remote installation of a two-way test loop controller can be completed in one end, do not need to test respectively at both ends. OptiFiber Pro built-in 'smart loop' assistant, the sender can check whether there is in the process of testing, the loop and tail fiber, and automatically to average calculation of test results, thus further shorten the testing time. While speed up the testing is essential, in the process of testing of all 6912 root fiber core tracking and management of test results is still appears to be a daunting task. You need not worry completely. Cloud-based LinkWare Live is more than some cable testing ideal - — Not only can use the cable number for multiple tester is configured in advance and programming, reduce the error probability, to test, but also to different technicians test data from multiple tester easily integrated into a single project. To be sure, when you need to use some more cable in very large scale data center for testing, you will need a number of technical personnel. LinkWare Live support unlimited number also create project, and provide unlimited storage space. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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