600 kn optical fiber composite overhead ground wire horizontal tensile machine successful delivery of the goods

by:FOT     2020-06-18

600 kn fiber optic equipment composite overhead ground wire horizontal tensile machine is mainly suitable for testing fiber optic overhead ground wire, lead wire and other products in the nominal test force or under constant load tensile stress and strain and breaking test. Equipment characteristics: 1. USES the framework structure horizontal host, single out the double ball screw guide 2 on both sides. High precision pressure type compound sensor title-conferring and photoelectric encoder to measure displacement of 3. Dedicated stogether stretching ( Wear the pin type) According to different types, different specifications of the sample stogether matching. ( This statement of zui widely used in horizontal tensile machine, mainly because of the high expansibility, easy to operate, etc) 4. This equipment in addition to applied to the material can also be applied to fiber optic equipment, with the power products such as tensile load/destructive test. The equipment has been successfully delivered in shanxi construction quality inspection institutions, the institute is mainly engaged in steel structure engineering, curtain wall, the main structure engineering test, building energy conservation engineering testing, indoor environment testing, artificial foundation detection projects related to

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