60 s optical fiber welding machine quotation?

by:FOT     2020-11-11
Optical fiber welding machine with optical image processing system for observation, if micro lens is dirty, affects the normal fiber optic observation, lead to welding the effect not beautiful. Two microscope lens, reason should be cleaned regularly maintain the cleanliness of the microlens. Specific process is as follows: closed welding electrical source, open the wind cover. It by a thin cotton swabs with alcohol gently wipe the microscope lens. Then wipe with a clean dry cotton legacy of alcohol, microscope lens, confirm its clean without stolen goods. Open the power supply, observe the display image on the presence of dust, if there is dirt, should be clean microscope anew. V groove if there are pollutants can make image deviates from the normal position, cause not normal alignment, cause loss of welding is larger. So in peacetime should regularly check and clean the V groove welding machines, the specific process is as follows: open windproof cap welding machines. With distribution of the pollutants on the clean duster V groove. It by a thin cotton swabs with alcohol cleaning the bottom of the V groove. Note: do not touch the electrode tip. Don't overexert when cleaning, do not use hard objects ( Such as blade) Clean the V groove, in order to avoid damage to the V groove, cannot be used properly. 60 s welding machine quotation? Domestic welding machine are mostly within ten thousand yuan, but the quality is uneven. Brand is not the same as the price is different, and USES different choice of welding machine is different also. Good 4 motor fiber welding machine, welding within 30 km of trunk fiber welding machine, the price is in 9000 - 13000. Mid-range 4 motor welding machine, the price is in 7500 - 9000. Less than 7500, suitable for FTTH fiber household project. There are 2 motor welding machine, through the market survey, fault is too much, have been or will be eliminated completely. Optical fiber welding machine, applying the idea of Internet of things, through the sensor technology and GPS information technology for the welding machine data, uploaded to the welding machine by using wireless communication technology management platform, the platform to get these data, and display, control, notifications, etc. Managers and users through the platform to realize the status and position of the welding machine on the remote monitoring, real-time instructions issued for welding machine integrated management.
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