6. The era is now open!

by:FOT     2020-07-10
6. The era is now open! Designed for the OSP and PON applications OptiFiber Pro HDR are comprehensively introduced, at the same time, many new HDR and the current version can be used throughout OptiFiber Pro new features now fully online. Only through simple upgrade, these new features can be added to the current version of the free OptiFiber Pro, the new function is what brought us the convenience and improved? Today let's find out. Experts in manual mode OptiFiber Pro has a variety of automatic mode, can be used to test PON, data center, etc. , when the device is in the mode, the instrument will along the fiber optic equipment to send a series of pulse wave to measure the characteristics of fiber optic equipment. Then, select one of the more suitable scope, pulse width and average time. Convenient, easy-to-use operation makes the experts can also easily the sophisticated tools. Although OptiFiber Pro almost done impeccable in terms of set parameters, but sometimes OTDR experts, such as when OptiFiber Pro searching for specific matters in the fiber, automatic mode unable to get the results. In the example below, the longer the average time to reduce the noise measurement, in order to better check the characteristics of the cable. In the current version of the OptiFiber, this kind of test you need to set up a separate manual testing, and changes every time the need for additional testing, this process is time-consuming and tedious. A new expert 'manual mode' combined the above two modes. After implementation of automatic test, click the SETUP ( Settings) Manual mode button, which can bring up the 'experts', you will see the current Settings page, light touch can modify the Settings, click TEST ( Test) To see the effect of the change. You can even increase or reduce the wavelength, and then set the generated. Real-time tracking and adjustable Settings OptiFiber Pro has continuously updated in real time tracking mode, this function is very suitable for some, such as a quick check on the connector or the swing test operation, in order to see if its normal operation. Ever change of real-time tracking Settings need to modify the test every time value to separate test, now, only need to click a button and bring up the menu and can change in just a few seconds. Bending test EventMap ™ can now identify the link of the bending part, its principle is tested by automatic test of different wavelengths, exposed the longer wavelengths in bending part in a bigger loss, EventMap can automatically identify the characteristics, and annotate it as a bending part. Mirror support on the repair link is interrupted, you only want to focus on this part of the whole link, a new span feature allows you to customize the link to log the beginning and end of the part, or to PASS/FAIL analysis, this function has been LinkWare PC in October. 0 version online, and in 2019 quarter in OptiFiber Pro available in the host. Sometimes events editor, OTDR mistakenly identified events. APC links look like joining together, for instance, because either the APC link will appear a small amount of loss or joining together without reflection. LinkWare PC 10。 0 now allows you to change the event type, in order to correctly record the event type. The current version of the customer, you can contact technical sales staff, understand the upgrade download detailed operation procedures. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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