2018 -—The Internet of things Revolution in the Nick of time

by:FOT     2020-07-14

2018 - — The Internet of things Revolution timely at this time of the year, all walks of life will be to summarize the past 12 months, and 2018 - — We also is such. Why this year will be different? Though no one can predict the future, but in 2018, we at the Internet of things Revolutionary wave of tuyere. Update the study predicts that with the coming of 2018, the world will be about 20 billion connected devices, experts predict that as more and more companies use IoT - — Especially in health care, retail and industrial industries, over the next year the Internet of things will achieve stable growth. No surprise, therefore, the Internet of things is considered to be driving force of the we expect to see in the industry. Installer in cloud applications in 2017, we see there are many companies to transfer all of its content to the cloud, they realize they need hybrid method is used to control certain application more closely and margin calculation, in order to cope with a more challenging environment, we will continue to see this cloud-based services. One of them is for cabling infrastructure authentication of cloud services. Given the growing number of connections of IoT drive, and more complex requirements for testing and certification, Combined with the credibility of cloud-based services overall enhancement) , we expect to have more installer in cloud-based solutions, such as LinkWare Live, in order to improve efficiency and productivity. Customers more and more devices are connected to achieve consistency across multiple sites, and the standard to test more application, such as, the broader wave-lengths in the fiber to support the backbone of potential future WDM, or on the copper, at a level 2. 5/5GBASE- T the application. These changes require more custom cable ID as well as more complex tester is set up. With the definition of cable ID and test set, and then upload it to the tester, and tens of thousands of anytime, anywhere access and sharing a link on the ability of test information, Linkware Live in has already posted nearly 9 million results, in 2018, we will probably see upload number further increased dramatically. PoE and plug terminal link booming as IEEE 802 in 2018. 3 bt Type 3 and Type 4 PoE is widely used, we will begin to see more and more equipment to give up the ac power connection and use PoE - — Envelope LED lights, digital display and building automation equipment, and even desktop computers. At the same time, changes in the national electrical code 2017 will be adopted in the cities in the United States in 2018, it will continue to cause about from the point of installation and testing to support these higher levels of PoE is better way. As a result, there may be more in line 2018 internally and line of unbalanced dc resistance between the requirements of field test, to ensure that support higher power 4 of PoE, demands attention the correct cable strapping practice at the same time, to protect against transmission of PoE's cable heating up for multiple devices, and the subsequent insertion loss. Because most of these equipment can be used instead of traditional socket and plug terminal link jumper wire to connect to the network, and the forthcoming TIA 568. 2 - D standard contains the configuration support ( Including the new modular plug end connection link ( MPTL) The test program) , 2018 is likely to mean that the choice of more field termination plug, and more on the cables and equipment manufacturers support plug terminal link. Although some early adopters 25 and 40 gbase - expected this year T equipment not listed, and is widely applied to a few years time, but in 2018 is likely to see early adopters first 8 classes provide components and installation - — As in the case of 6 class a. Fortunately, 8 class testing capabilities have been able to support the installation, which further promoted the early adoption. 8 class installation and testing will focus on a new switch to the server in a data center link, so that it can beat increase bandwidth requirements to support the increasing amount of data, especially those who plan to IoT technology integration of the data center. Because eight kind of 10 gbase - with the current T plug compatible with electronic equipment, and support for 10, 25, and 40 gbase - T automatic negotiation, so those who want to avoid the early adopters of upgrading expensive in the future will also be deployed. The continuous development of MPO technology and deployment to support large data, many core fiber optic equipment insertion technology ( MPO) Will continue development, expect the new configuration density higher, faster. It remains to be seen which adopts configuration will be more widely, but the innovation of MPO technology will take the lead in the center of the large scale of data. At the same time, the enterprise data center will continue to increase need 40 g and 100 g of current MPO connector technology installation. Therefore, in 2018, will pay more attention to the polarity of MPO deployment and testing considerations such as the theme. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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