2016 photoresist industry analysis: China will meet historical opportunity for development

by:FOT     2020-07-12
2016 photoresist industry analysis: China will meet historical development opportunity

 photoresist industry analysis: in 2016 China will meet the historical development opportunity

overall, imports of photoresist in China occupy the domestic market share of 87%, the rate is low. And photoresist benefit from domestic semiconductor industry transfer and the rapid development of domestic electronic chemicals, growth is far higher than global demand, domestic engaged in photoresist is the main development and production of Beijing progress microelectronic material co. , LTD and suzhou red red electronic chemicals co. , LTD. , the listed company of fly kay materials, powerful companies such as new material is expected to take the lead to achieve the technological breakthroughs, seize the historical opportunity for development.

the global photoresist market scale and structure, Us $)

the photoresist market size and growth rate ( One hundred million yuan)

photoresist import substitution space huge

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