2015 instrumentation and automation engineering technology application of new progress in shandong communication meeting

by:FOT     2020-07-15
On November 18, fluke was invited to the conference in shandong jinan and shun international hotel's sponsored by the China instrument society product information working committee 'made in the letter of the committee meeting and two of the three new progress in instrument and automation engineering technology application in 2015 ( Shandong) Communication '. The conference aims to strengthen the industry design unit, the owner unit, instrumentation automation manufacturers interaction and exchanges and cooperation between the technology, learning about new technology, new international and domestic relevant industry demand, sharing instrument automation excellent implementation experience and solutions. Enterprises in shandong province and the nearby surrounding areas, including the qilu petrochemical, luxi chemical, luneng engineering company, shandong electric power, chenming, jinan iron and steel, dongming petrochemical, new medicine, big companies such as the weiqiao group of nearly hundred enterprises, more than 200 professionals attended the meeting. At the same time some excellent steering system and instrument automation suppliers including hangzhou hollysys, hill road control instrument, Canada Watson, chongqing, sichuan, shandong luneng, Shanghai macro wave was also involved in the promotion and display of the meeting. Conference on intelligent manufacturing under the new assertion of production safety, industrial 4. 0 and information technology, intelligent test platform and resource management, instrument and measurement in the field of automation new technology, new products such as topic conducted extensive exchanges and report. Fluke store division at the scene shows including multimeter, infrared thermometer, clamp table, environmental test etc all series based testing instruments, and the scene shows the Fluke ConnectTM wireless test tool system, its prospective, sophistication, and wireless measurement management concepts to win the recognition of many professional users. Fluke shandong regional sales colleagues shao-yun wu at the booth and with a number of interested users, professional users to the latest product information at the same time sent to nearly 150. Fluke special lottery link is arranged in the general assembly, fluke store group product manager jia east Asia to introduce participants to the fluke companies and classic multimeter F - 15 b + / 17 18 b + b + / Chinese story, and extract the three lucky customers, to the left fluke multimeter F - classic upgrade model 15B+。 The conference, to strengthen the fluke store department effective communication with the end users, more users to transmit a fluke store division of the latest product information, at the same time the user has access to the latest requirements and received very good reaction! In December, we will also participate in hubei region in hubei wuhan users exchange activities, stay tuned
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